• Investigator Identification and Site selection

  • Site Qualification Visits

  • Site Initiation Visits and Site staff Training

  • Informed Consent Form review

  • Interim or Routine Monitoring Visits

  • Remote / Central Monitoring 

  • Perform drug and/or device accountability

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Close Out /Study Termination Visits

Scientist on Computer

Risk based monitoring

To minimize risks in investigation quality, secure human subject and ensure data integrity - we at Evolve Life have efficient team for execution of clinical trials.

The monitoring aids in identifying as well as mitigating risks and challenges during the early stage of clinical development.


The following methodologies implemented:

  • Build Quality by Design into trials

  • Assess early and ongoing risks

  • Focus on Critical Processes and Critical Data

  • Use Risk Indicators and Thresholds

  • Adjust monitoring activities based on the identified issues and risks