Electronic Trial Master File

Streamline and manage e-TMF content in a seamless fashion with Evolve Life’s eTMF solutions. Clinical researchers can achieve operational efficiencies and improve inspection readiness whilst reducing operational redundancies. Below are some of the reasons you must choose Evolve Life’s Electronic Trial Master File system.

With Evolve Life's eTMF solutions, you can streamline and handle e-TMF content in a seamless manner. 
Organized archive with ring binders and

Streamline Trial Master File Completeness & Compliance Management

  • Accurate search capabilities

  • Our ETMF is featured with ultra-modern search algorithms and makes searching regulated as well as non-regulated content a cake-walk for you.

  • Streamlined operational processes

  • From master data set-up to document filing, and reclassification, our ETMF elevates the overall operational efficiency for you. Completeness, enhanced visibility and quality are some of the benefits of choosing our ETMF solutions.

  • Real time collaboration

  • This single application with immense automation capabilities is designed to help you create, view, store and share data with authorized stakeholders for real time and efficient collaboration.