Enhance Clinical Trial Patient Engagement with our ePRO System

The importance of keeping patients engaged and motivated cannot be undermined. Pharmaceutical companies and CROs are constantly challenged to recruit and retain patients and this is where ePRO comes handy to make the entire process a cake-walk while achieving protocol compliance. ePRO makes it easy for your patients to access, complete and submit the questionnaire in a timely manner according to the study protocol.

Annual Check-up

Perks of Choosing Our  ePRO Solutions

Configure Workflows with Ease

Configure workflows according to your specific protocol with validated controls. Be more in control owing to enhanced data reliability offered by ePRO.

Achieve Patient Protocol compliance

With a timestamp of each patient’s entry, you can be confident about the accuracy of data and achieve protocol compliance.

Improved Patient’s Willingness

It has been observed that patients feel more comfortable submitting answers in electronic format than traditional paper format. This helps you enhance patient engagement with sheer ease.