Clinical Operations

Each of our Evolve Life clinical trial management sites works together to ensure that your studies are managed exactly as your procedure and specifications specify. Our network allows us to be more flexible when conducting clinical trials, and it expands beyond Evolve Life facilities to include well-established partnerships with reputable reference laboratories if your research requires them.
We can overcome even the most difficult challenges kudos to our versatile and dynamic organisational model, which employs skilled, experienced, and well-trained professional Clinical Research Associates.

Collaborative Clinical Operations & Research Services for Your Specific Needs


Evolve Life is underpinned by top-drawer core facilities and robust clinical operations and research processes. The ever evolving clinical trials landscape is getting increasingly complex with every day passing by and hence we are always hunting for innovative and proven ways to improve site productivity and subject recruitment/retention for the best possible outcomes. With a patient centric approach, we help you make great strides in clinical trial designs whilst ensuring seamless communication between study sites and sponsors. From start-up to completion, we monitor the performance and measure against plethora of contractual parameters including timelines. We also ensure that project costs are in check at all times.

Our comprehensive range of clinical operations services are aimed at helping you achieve your goal right from the word go. Whether it is clinical development, regulatory approval lifecycle, or project management and administration, we are there with you every step of the way.


- End to end clinical trial management

- Project Management

- Monitoring

- Patient recruitment

- Patient Retention Strategies & Site Engagement  - Clinical Trial Supply Management

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